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Eating disorders

  • The worst part is I can't concentrate on anything apart from how I can avoid eating

  • I hate my body, its appearance, size, everything about it.

  • My hair's fallen out and periods stopped.

  • I feel guilty for making my family worry, so I just pretend to eat. That way no one gets hurt

  • I used to exercise every day. At first It was amazing, I was on a high. I got completely addicted

  • I hate eating in front of people

  • When I eat I feel guilty so I make myself throw up

  • I promised myself I would lose weight, even if it killed me

  • Now I have thinning hair and a messed up metabolism

  • Your mind plays tricks on you

  • My friends obsessed with food. She's always counting calories and she takes ages eating, cutting it into smaller pieces

We use food in a multitude of ways – to cheer ourselves up; celebrate; show others we care. But we can end up eating to satisfy other needs, not just hunger. Many people struggle with food. Some eat too much, some too little, or some the wrong things. It's not really about the food, it's what's going on inside of us that counts. Often people who start having difficulties with food, are really struggling with other issues.

Pressure to conform to society's 'ideal' body image can impact on how people feel about their bodies. Many people think being thin is the path to happiness. If food starts to dominate your thinking, you may be at risk of developing an eating disorder.


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