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  • I just seem to feel anxious all the time and I don’t know why

  • When I feel anxious everything speeds up, it’s like being in a film, it’s scary

  • Every second I spend with somebody I don't know is literally torture!

  • My breathing gets faster, then I feel spaced out, like I’m disconnected from the rest of the world

  • If my mates don't text me back right away, i think they don't like me

  • I'm worried my GF will find someone better

  • I always worry about what I say to other people and what they think of me

  • I pick at my nails, scratch my nose, tap my fingers or whatever when I feel anxious.

  • It's not as bad as it used to be.

  • Use a person's name. It helps you feel calmer

  • Keep working at slowly stretching your comfort zone, one bit at a time.

  • I'm coping with it by reassuring myself that I am valuable

  • Just remember 'It's not personal'. People may be acting strange because of their own stuff

  • I get a lot of headaches

  • I've stopped drinking so much coffee - it has helped by body feel calmer

What is anxiety?

Anxiety's triggered when you get nervous or worry about stuff in your life, big or small. A little bit of anxiety is no bad thing and at times can even be helpful. But if it goes on for too long or gets overwhelming, it can make life miserable.

Feeling anxious prompts a physical response – your heart beats faster and you get an adrenaline rush round your body (basically to help you cope with whatever it is you're anxious about).


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