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  • I worry people will judge me, they'll think I'm ugly and hideous and will laugh at me

  • The best advice I can give you is to put yourself in others' shoes. Really try to understand how they're feeling

  • I'm afraid of being noticeable

  • Ever considered other people may be worrying about what you're thinking of them?

  • You have to believe in yourself

  • Focus on the positives

  • I worry what my Dad will say if he finds out I'm gay

  • When I knew I liked girls I was confused. I was scared to come out. When I did it was such a relief

  • Be true to who you are

  • If you feel good about yourself others will too

  • I feel so confused sometimes I feel adult, sometimes like a kid

  • I just want to be me, others put me in a box

  • I get a lot of attention. I wish boys would just let me be me

  • Others don't like it when I'm good at things

  • Just because you look at little bit different, you shouldn't be treated differently

  • In Sheffield we went on the march of the Goths to end prejudice

Multiple identities

You don't just have one identity, as you relate to different groups and values you probably take on a slightly different identity.  Also, how you feel about yourself can be influenced by the value your friends and peers place on different identities. 

The obvious and not-so-obvious

Some identities are obvious and you have no choice but to own them; these include gender and ethnicity. Others are hidden and depend on you acknowledging and owning them before others know; such as your political views and sexuality. We can all struggle with our identity from time to time and are forever re-defining it.

It's important you connect with those who see and respect you for who you are, rather than who they think you are.


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