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Family issues

  • When I found out that my parents were separating I was shocked. But it wasn't as bad as I expected

  • I look after my mum when she drinks. I put her to bed. She's always worse on a Friday

  • My mum and dad have split and I never know if my dad is going to turn up to see me or not

  • The people who know tell me it's not my fault on a regular basis. But I find it so hard to believe myself

  • I'm really sacred what'll happen if I tell someone

  • Things were hard at home but I could always talk to my Gran

  • I felt so much better when I finally told my teacher what was going on

  • I worry a lot about my mum

  • My mum and dad have sorted things out and it's getting better

  • I know it sounds lame, but I was so upset when our dog died. I found it hard to cope but felt guilty I was feeling so bad

  • I talked to a counsellor at my school once, it helped a lot but now I feel worse

  • Best advice I can give you is to put yourself in the others' shoes. Really try to understand how they're feeling

  • I was so sad when my grandma died. She was the one who understood me

  • I know things are hard at home right now but they will get better

  • I want to run away from home. Both my parents use drugs and alcohol and they fight

  • My mum is away a lot looking after my granddad. I miss her

  • I'm locked into a relationship I want to get away from but don't know how

  • I'm scared if I tell, everyone will fall to pieces

  • My mum has difficult times when she's ill. I worry about her but also feel cross

It's quite normal for families to experience problems now and again. Hopefully, most issues can be resolved by people taking the time to listen and talk to each other and things change and get better.

Some young people have to cope with very complex relationships and problems which are difficult to solve. If the adults in your life aren't coping and aren't treating you right, this can leave you in turmoil. You can care about someone in your family, but also feel very angry, upset and powerless around them. It's entirely normal to have lots of conflicting emotions in this situation.

If an adult in your life is struggling to cope, and their behaviour towards you is out of order, they may need help. By talking to someone you can get them the help they need and the support you need. 


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