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  • I feel empty all the time; like there's literally a black hole in my chest, void of everything

  • My stomach is constantly in knots

  • I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

  • My boyfriend get depressed. He's creating a wall between us

  • It creeps up on you and darkens your life but you can do a little every day and eventually it will ease

  • I feel weak and lethargic and lack motivation

  • I just want to be whole again

  • It's a bit like dieting - the weight doesn't come off overnight - neither will the depression, but keep going

  • Today is a good day

  • Sometimes I just need to accept it's a bad day and not be too hard on myself

  • One step at a time, really does help

  • It can get better

  • Think about what makes you feel better and do more of it

  • Everything feels wrong

Is it all getting too much?

If you've lost interest in activities you normally enjoy, don’t feel good about yourself any more, are experiencing ongoing feelings of sadness or just feeling low all the time, you may be depressed. If you're struggling to cope with a stressful situation in your life it could lead to depression. Or depression can result from a build up of lots of small problems which leave you feeling stuck and isolated. Or it could just be your hormones playing havoc. 

Athough these feelings can make you feel awful, the goods news is they're pretty common. Most people find they add up to a bad patch from which they emerge, recover and then move on. This said, you must take it seriously if your friend's so low they are struggling to enjoy anything and they talk about hurting themselves. Sadly, a small number of young people do commit suicide each year.


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