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  • It's hard to stand up to people who won't leave you alone

  • I want to be able to look into the bully's eyes and not flinch, I don't want them to win anymore

  • I know things will get better, and I will try to be strong until I get there

  • My social life's bad and I'm trying to fix it. I don't know how to handle some situations, like when everyone laughed at me

  • Had my parents intervened things might have been different, but I was fighting my corner alone

  • It started with name calling. I have no idea why me or what started it ... it went on for 5 years

  • I started staying in and just went on the internet all the time

  • I don't need to live like this anymore, but it's hard to know where to start

  • I was bullied throughout school which severely affected my self-esteem and mental health

  • I used to think about the bullies all the time so I could avoid them

  • My teacher really listened and helped sort it out

  • I was scared if I told it would just get worse. But when I did tell it really helped

  • My Dad didn't understand - he just said to ignore them - but I'd already tried that

  • Who's Laughing Now - Jessie J

  • I was called fat and lazy all the time

  • Some kids are taught how to be a bully by having parents who bully them at home

  • My sister and her friend are doing things to me I don't like, but the more I fight the worse it gets

We all have the right to feel safe

Bullying happens when someone intentionally sets out to hurt or control another person, either physically or psychologically. Up to 68% of young people are worried about bullying; 38% have experienced serious bullying. If you're being bullied it can be hard to work out how to handle it. Its important for you to know that you have the right to feel safe and bullying is not OK for anyone

Bullying is ...

  • Deliberately hurtful
  • Happens again and again
  • An imbalance of power, which makes it hard for those being bullied to defend themselves.

Bullying can happen face-to-face. One to one. In groups. At school. At home. In offices. In relationships. It can also happen through social media:  texting and cyberbullying are becoming more widespread. 


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