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  • I've had ADHD all my life and I'm 16 now. I've been on loads of different medications

  • I wasn't diagnosed as a child; my schooling was a disaster

  • I've taken medication for it for a long time and it really does help me in many ways

  • I often find it very difficult to concentrate on what the teacher is saying

  • I find it hard to sleep as it feels like my mind never switches off

  • Medication is very closely monitored by the CAMHs team.

  • Medication alone isn't the solution

  • It's like having a motor that won't stop

  • I find it hard to sit still

  • People thought I was naughty, but I just couldn't sit still

  • I need to keep off the sugar

  • I have found it helps to do relaxation exercises

  • I didn't realise it was ADHD until I was an adult

  • I like to take a break from the medication during holidays

Core symptoms

Inattention means you find it difficult to concentrate and finish tasks

Hyperactivity  People with ADHD describe it as having a motor which is constantly on. So you're always on the go. And it feels like everything's happening at once, which in turn creates a sense of inner turmoil

Impulsivity means suddenly doing things without thinking about them first or finding it difficult to wait your turn in games, in a conversation or in a queue.

Not every person with ADHD has all of these symptoms – some people are hyperactive and impulsive; others are mainly inattentive.

When you're older the symptoms may feel more like an inner restlessness.


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