About this website

Both Sheffield City Council and Department of Health figures indicate that mental health issues amongst 12 to 16 year olds are common. Although there are specialist services to support young people with serious mental health problems, everyone can play a part in identifying and supporting young people experiencing difficulties. Often young people turn to their friends for help, or it's friends who notice that someone seems to be stressed or struggling.

It’s for these reasons the Children’s Hospital Charity funded a project with the CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) Team in Sheffield, part of the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to develop a website to help young people help their friends they think may have mental health problems. (Of course, young people can use the site to find out about difficulties they're experiencing, and parents, teachers and others can also use it for information and advice).

Friends make a huge difference

The thinking behind this website is to capture some of the CAMHS Teams’ expertise, take it from their heads and put it on a website where young people can easily access it. We called it EPIC Friends, because one of the key lessons to be taken away from this site is that friends make a huge difference if you’re struggling with life and feeling things are getting on top of you.

So this website brings you:

  • help in spotting mental health issues in your friends
  • advice in how to help and support your friends going through tough times
  • ideas on how to keep mental health in balance
  • skills in listening sympathetically and constructively to your friends
  • information about when’s the right time to ask for help for your friends
  • links to other useful websites and information on where to get help